My Summer Yoga

“My Yoga Summer”

What the teachers at 100th Monkey yoga will be doing this summer either in a studio or in the great outdoors before returning to the
studio in the

Teachers and Bio's:

Veronica Costa-Bolton:

Veronica will be teaching the four group classes of the summer schedule offered in June and July. Creating more space in her schedule frees her up to follow up with plans to lead four "yoga hikes" for the Kodiak Audubon Society. Just like the name implies "yoga hikes" combine the two things that always highlight her summer in Kodiak- taking yoga out into nature and sharing it with the community.
This year join Veronica Sat June 8 for a hike up "Sleeping Bear Mtn"; Sun June 30 for a climb up "South Sister Mtn from the Bench Trail" ; Sat July 13 for a very family friendly hike on "The Bench Trail" and finally Sun July 28 for "The Heitman Triology: Lake, Peak and Mtn". The Kodiak Audubon society sponsors hikes every weekend. Check out their full schedule at
When not outside or teaching classes, Veronica will be completing several online continuing education courses on yoga and neuroscience. She will also be going on a two week silent retreat at Cloud Mountain Retreat Center in Castle Rock, WA in August to get recharged and be ready for the full studio schedule which begins again in September.
Her focus and passion in teaching yoga is to help people maximize what they can receive from a yoga practice which is so much more than exercise.
Jai  Bhagwan!

Casey Lynch:

Casey’s summer plans begin with a very special trip to Kauai, where she will spent the month of June practicing and studying yoga as a student of Cloud 9 School of Yoga.  Having spent her foundational yoga teacher training focused on the fun, fast-paced Vinyasa Flow, Casey is overjoyed to be embarking on a deeper exploration of the gentler-paced restorative yoga that is rooted most deeply in her heart. Through an immersive advanced studies program, she will be exploring the concepts and teaching strategies of yin, kundalini, hatha, and yoga nidra, along with Ayurveda, Thai massage and Reiki. Casey is ecstatic to be diving further into the philosophies of yoga and to return to Kodiak with greater proficiency in bringing these balancing and therapeutic traditions to life in her own practice and to be able to infuse them into her methodology as a yoga teacher at 100th Monkey.


Hana Bulow:

The summer months on Kodiak bring more sun, greener outdoor adventures, and family activities. They are simply magical. Apart from my desire to attain a yogic lifestyle, my other passion lies in marine conservation. This summer I have the wonderful opportunity to work with Island Trails Network (ITN) as their Marine Debris Program Coordinator to lead community beach cleanups. I would love to have fellow yogis join me to help combat marine pollution! For project updates, go to

It is hard to pinpoint the style of yoga I enjoy teaching the most out of Hatha, Yin, and Vinyasa, but I really enjoy the Hatha Flow class. The diversity of poses, breathing techniques, meditation, and it’s adaptability to all levels make it especially fulfilling to instruct. You are all invited to my new summer project, Yoga in Nature! Dates will be weather-depending. Please follow my Facebook and Instagram page @hanalinnyoga for exact details and sign up to receive email updates at with ‘Yoga in Nature’ as the subject line. Thank you and I look forward to practicing with you on the beach, in the woods, or on top of a mountain as we breathe the fresh Kodiak air!  ~Namaste~

Maya Edgerly:

Maya will be taking her practice on the road this June, as she visits Juneau, Washington, and Colorado; and hopefully exploring different yoga studios along the way. Once back in Kodiak in July, Maya will be teaching a Sunday class at A Balanced Approach, Kids Yoga for The Arts Council’s Sum’Arts program, and do a few tours for Kayak Kodiak. She is excited to return to teaching at 100th Monkey Yoga Studio in the fall.

When teaching, Maya enjoys threading together principles of alignment, breath, yoga philosophy, and positive heart qualities.

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