Why We Are Here:

100th Monkey Yoga Studio promotes the development of human potential through body awareness and the effect a positive mental outlook can have to empower the whole person – body, mind and spirit. As with the story of the hundredth monkey who created a wave of innovative thinking by trying something new ( check out www.wowzone.com/monkey.htm for the whole story ). So too the 100th Monkey Studio hopes to promote a better social outlook by improving the physical and mental health of our community, one body at a time, one breath at a time. Are you the 100th Monkey? A Kodiak Monkey?

Where We Are and What We Do:

Located at 1929 Mission Rd, this space touts a heated bamboo floor, and a picturesque view of Mission Bay from the second floor of this newly remodeled home. This studio encourages small class sizes of 8 to 14 people and a wide variety of classes. We provide professionally trained instructors and exercise amenities such as two “Yoga Walls”, blocks, straps, chairs, blankets, stretch bands, fitness balls, foam rollers and weights to meet the student’s needs regardless of whether they are a new or seasoned practitioner.

Good Will


May you have
May you be
May you be
May you have
a life
filled with love


No, I will not stay in and wash the kitchen floor today. Not when down at the river the salmon are spawning, the eagles are eating and there’s a sniff of snow in the air.

No, I don’t want to turn on the TV tonight. I might miss something important like the moon sneaking up from behind the mountain. I know it’s a rerun, but it still catches my breath.

No, not one more knick-knack on the mantle please, and could we take down that picture your sister gave us but we’ve never really liked? Let’s leave a little room for possibility.

No, for today, not one more lap to run, not one more claim to fame, and certainly not a completed to do list! I want to play hooky and dive into and sink and float and play and bask in open-ended bottomless time.

No, I’m not going out tonight. Not when I need to sit on the porch with the anxious stray cat who’s finally realizing he’s home and is learning to relax and purr.

No, don’t close the window tonight and shut out the swan song of the last stubborn poplar leaves and the possible magic of being hooted awake by an owl at 3am.

And at 3am, no to that storyline that tangles in my brain… I’d rather breathe it into the soft cocoon of predawn darkness and let sleep move the tangle from my brain to my hair.

No can open space. No can reveal time. No can uncover quiet. no can bring us to a full stop…land us in stillness.

And out of all that, no begins to open into Maybe, what if, perhaps… and begins, like the first green of spring, to unfurl, to emerge, to explode wild and free into…YES, YES, YES!

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