Who We Are

Veronica Costa-Bolton:

Veronica Costa-Bolton is the creator and owner of the 100th Monkey Yoga studio. She is a certified STOTT Pilates and Kripalu Yoga teacher as well as a Level I Yoga Nidra instructor. She also completed her 500 hour certification with emphasis in Yoga Therapy. Veronica has had a personal yoga practice for over 20 years with a wide variety of styles and has been studying and teaching Pilates since 2001.

She enjoys offering a wide variety of classes that can accommodate and compliment beginners to advance practitioners. Both STOTT and Kripalu compliment each other by strengthening the connection between the focus of the mind and the actions of the body using the breath. Yoga Nidra then deepens this connection through sensory awareness meditation. All three are then combined in some form during classes to allow individuals to maximize their strengths and improve their weaknesses for greater flexibility, agility and strength. They also encourage the creation of a personal practice that is tailored to the individual while still emphasizing the importance of alignment, fluidity, strength and flexibility in class. Props may also be used to augment the practice and help balance discrepancies of strength and weakness in the body.

A lifelong learner, Veronica enjoys traveling to continuing education classes in both fields to increase her knowledge and offer the latest innovations to her students. Regardless of where she may visit, Veronica is pleased to call Kodiak home with her husband Skip and son, Noah.

Casey Lynch:

Casey’s journey with yoga began when she entered a restorative yoga class looking for physical healing and discovered that the restoration it provided would take her on a much deeper journey than she had foreseen.

In 2015 she completed her 200 hr teacher training certification in Vinyasa Flow Yoga while living in the high desert of Southern California. Casey enjoys guiding all levels of Vinyasa as well as Hatha fusion, gentle, restorative and slow flow sequences intended to use the breath, movement and meditation to build overall balance, strength and flexibility.  Casey feels extremely privileged to now live in Kodiak, and she finds joy in sharing yoga with her island community.

Mariah Offer:

Mariah was born on the shores of the Great Lakes and took her first yoga class in college in between sports seasons of Nordic skiing and cross country running. She moved to Kodiak when she was in her 20s and continued taking yoga classes. Practicing sun salutations helped her keep her fitness and her focus throughout her years of fishing, traveling and as a merchant mariner.

As her yoga practice increased, she became a yoga teacher, completing her teacher training  in the Sacred Valley of Perú.  Mariah also completed a certification in Anatomy for Yoga and enjoys learning new things to strengthen her own yoga practices as well as serving her yoga students. She enjoys teaching a variety of classes, including Vinyasa flow, gentle yoga, and restorative yoga.  Mariah believes in the beauty of the mind-body balance of yoga. Mariah draws on inspiration from nature, spirituality, and breath work to strengthen both her personal practice and her teaching of yoga.

Hana Bulow:

The practice of yoga has been instrumental in bringing balance between my mind, body, and spirit. When I am in balance, I feel happier and can accomplish my everyday goals with more ease and grace. The yoga practice of mindfulness encourages and creates peace in my life. Yoga trains me to be aware of the present moment and to accept myself just as I am, whether feeling a hardship or joy. Yoga is much more than a set of postures for me, it is a lifestyle that promotes my health and wellness. I love to share this with others and that is the reason I pursued being a yoga instructor.

I received my 200-hour yoga instructor certification on the big island of Hawaii in Honokaa in May, 2018. Previously, I worked at a yoga studio, was deeply involved in the yoga community and led Acroyoga events in my hometown of Bowie, Maryland. My specialty is in Hatha yoga, with training in Vinyasa, Yin and Kundalini. I came to Kodiak with my fiance, now husband, for the Kodiak summer where he is a charter fishing guide. We both love it here and decided to stay through the winter. I’m a lover of ocean conservation, nature adventures, and developing deep connections with people. I am excited to be apart of the yoga community on the magical island of Kodiak.

Our Story

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